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Kibone Therapy


Kibone Therapy

Kibone Therapy is to connect broken energy channels in the body. It balances and stimulates the function of each bone to provide energy to the body system. It is a non-invasive modality to re-instill the balance of Yin & Yang in our body. It can cure broken meridians in our body and naturally awaken the self-healing mechanism in our body. Just as the sun rises each day, giving us the energy to start anew, this Korean technique can provide us with the strength and vitality to heal ourselves and begin anew. 

Kibone Holistic Therapy

Kibone consists of two words, “Ki (Qi) and Bone,” which means “giving Qi to the bones.” Kibone signifies “the basic or the original foundation.”

Kibone therapy was founded by Dr. Hosan, who dedicated his life to healing people and animals. He discovered the principles of Kibone therapy while recovering his dying livestock at his farm. One of his cows was dying of persistent bleeding. He massaged the cow with his hands all day long, but soon he got so tired. He began to use various tools to massage. To his surprise, the bleeding stopped, saving his cow. Dr. Hosan understood that the bones are the mechanism to control energy flow in the body system. He learned that bones are related to the electrical system in the body that provides power to each cell as if the cells were the battery of life. He treated patients with severe illnesses and chronic pain. When he used the bone points with Kibone tools developed by him, the symptoms improved almost instantly.

There are 412 Kibone points or energy switches in a body. Our body cells can be fully charged when the points are appropriately treated. When cells are fully charged, our body can be revived accordingly. We are excited to provide our patients with Kibone Therapy as a healing remedy. Kibone Therapy can be used for pain management, immune system build-up, auto-immune diseases, insomnia, sports-related injuries & recovery, gynecological conditions, physical therapy, esthetics, among many others. 

Dr. Hosan’s philosophy was to help people live healthy and wholesome lives. He wanted to share this healing modality with fellow clinicians to be able to contribute to the world. His legacy continues with his successors. We are excited to offer people Kibone Therapy for a healthy and better life. To get your first kibone therapy at Dodam Acupuncture in Columbia, Maryland, contact our clinic at (443) 941-5991. We hope to serve you and help start your treatment journey on the right foot very soon!

Kibone Therapy Healing Protocols:

  • – Calm the energy flow of the body.
  • – Connect broken meridian channels and open energy passages in and around the bones.
  • – Balance Yin and Yang channels.
  • – Stimulate local energy level activating Kibone points.
  • – Maintain the body’s energy level to prevent unwanted health conditions.


Kibone Therapy is employed to connect broken energy channels in the body. It balances and stimulates the function of each bone to provide energy to the body system. It is a non-invasive modality to make the balance of Yin & Yang in our body. Hormone balance and immune system boost can be attained by undergoing Kibone Therapy.

When the energy in our body becomes balanced, rejuvenation is followed by it. The body feels healthier as the energy levels enhance. Bones, muscles, and skin are supplied with proper energy support. Gradually, the cells are fully charged and rejuvenated.

The first feeling you will experience after your therapy. is relaxation. It straightens out the energy passages and thus enhances the functions of the lymphatic system. It gradually cleans out body waste, making our body and mind relaxed.

Oftentimes, nature gives answers to our questions. Dr. Hosan often said, “Balanced energy in the body is the best healing remedy.” The balance of the body becomes a natural remedy to resolve various issues in our bodies. The goal of Kibone Therapy is to heal naturally with non-invasive treatment protocols.